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Niizuma Koyomi

Niizuma Koyomi The Animation - 新妻こよみ THE ANIMATIONN - iiduma Koyomi - New Wife Koyomi The Animation - 새댁 코요미

A relaxed countryside where only a few buses come per day.
One day, the main character, who was training to become a potter, met a girl.

Then they become lovers and eventually get married.
But marriage is not the “end”. It’s a new “start”!

The two who became a couple while being warmly watched by the people around them
We will continue to build every day that makes us feel like a treasure.
During a quiet time, we will gradually deepen our ties.
What kind of happiness will the protagonist and the girl who became the new wife find happiness?

Our protagonist is an in training ceramist out in the countryside who just so happens to have 4 different girls all fighting for his love! A simple country girl, his big sister, a fox deity and the daughter of his mentor! How could he ever choose just one?! They decide to fight for his love by having a newlywed day for each of them to see who he prefers…


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