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Kakushi Dere

Kakushi Dere - かくしデレ - Lust-Struck Trilogy - 카쿠시 데레

The Takizawa family is terrified!

Is it Nonoura, a super-honey-returning daughter who seems to have no pulse, saying that Takizawa’s younger brother brought him “the future girlfriend”?
At the very beginning of the opening, she bites into Takizawa’s brother, saying, “I’m sick of looking from above you,” and she doesn’t know what she came to. go back.

However, I wonder if it is, lying down on the bed …?


Nonoka goes out of her way to make a written confession to the older brother of one of her classmates, but he doesn’t even read the letters. This prompts her to stop by in person, and express her “hate” for him through various antics…

The second episode is about Makoto and his step-sister Misaki (who is about as tsundere as you can get). Misaki secretly has feelings for Makoto and one day is accidentally caught by him while masturbating in his room. Despite Misaki being an extreme tsundere, they finally both convey their feelings to each and have sex.

Taiki confesses to his highschool crush, Mihashi Chizuri, not knowing about a nasty rumor between her and Ikeda-sensei. After hearing about the rumor and confronting his now-girlfriend about it, Taiki is relieved to know there was no truth to it.

The couple then have sex for the first time, although throughout the episode Taiki had been fantasizing about his girlfriend in various sexual situations.


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