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Momoiro Bouenkyou

분홍색 망원경 - Momoiro Bouenkyou Anime Edition - 桃色望遠鏡 Anime Edition

“Lilipan-Peachy Telescope / Peachy Telescope Anime Edition ~ Episode 1 HD Complete Works-Uncorrected Chinese Subtitles” Details: Today I will introduce Lifan “Peachy Telescope Anime Edition” in February 2017 by Japan’s Lifan Production Company The chippai animation is adapted from the fan comics that Mr. や す ゆ ki participated in at the C90 (it’s really pervasive ~). Adapted from the comradehood of Mr. や す ゆ き, Ema carrying a brown schoolbag is a long-cherished target for her classmates of the same age, but she likes her father who is not related to her. When he was a child, the wet bed was under the gentleness of his father, and Dad took a bath together and then tuned it step by step … From the film, you can feel the distorted love between father and daughter and the father has a very strong possessiveness to the daughter. This scene is performed in the bathroom, just like a playboy. , With the heroine Emana, the plump figure that does not match the appearance is not much different. In terms of drawing, under the commonly used INMOTION technology of chippai animation, it almost reproduces the original lens in the comics and the style of the characters, but the body movement is similar to the flash animation. By the way, Xiaobian, I think a voice of Heya is really not suitable for this kind of Lifan ….


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