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Mistreated Bride

Mistreated Bride - Nikuyome: Takayanagi Ke no Hitobito - 육가 - 타카야나기가의 사람들 - 肉嫁 高柳家の人々

Mitsuko has always lived a simple life as a housewife, but things changed once she moved away from Tokyo to live with her husband’s family. She never though doing a small favor for her husband’s father would lead into a world full of lust. Now, she is a love puppet for her husband’s father…

Note: The R1 version of episode 4 had a short scene at the very end removed due to young content.


The best version of Miyabi Tsuzuru’s masterpiece “Meat Marriage” is here!

It all started when a young beautiful wife, Mitsuko, moved to the former home of her husband’s home.
Then, what was waiting was a pork meat stick that Furu and Fuzo had soared. Called illness care, touch the body of the wife and Mitsuko with a slimy touch, lick it, and pierce the genital area with a hot and strong object.
Then, Koji, his brother-in-law, stares at the endless act, breathing his groin. The hole in the front is attacked by Shijijii and Fuzou, and the hole in the back is attacked by a boy who smells blue and Kouji.
Eventually Mitsuko became a wife “meat bride” who handles the carnal desires of this house.




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