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Koumi-jima Shuu 7 de Umeru Mesu-tachi~

Synopsis of 1
The main character, Seiichi, enjoys visiting remote islands and his occupation is a teacher.
And he, no matter what he hides, is the owner of the unequaled, but he is unable to carry that unequaled every day.
His days were unsatisfying.

One day, he received a “certain request” from an acquaintance, the chief of the island.
He is transferred to a remote island called Ushihi Island, commonly known as Childbearing Island.

What is that “certain request”?
The woman of this island is
It has evolved into a peculiar constitution that takes only one week from her implantation to birth.
It has continued to prosper on its own for hundreds of years.
It seemed that the island would continue to prosper smoothly, but
Because I got mixed up with only similar genes among the islanders
It has become a state where ●● can no longer be born unless it is an outside gene.

The request of the island’s chief is to Seiichi, who is unmatched, as an outside gene.
“I want you to impregnate every woman on the island.”
That’s what it was!

Due to the customs of the island, which specializes in the role of a female,
Women who want to satisfy the instincts of men who have thoughts of being superior to men from the bottom of their hearts.
Women who feel supreme joy in pleasing a man and giving birth to a child
What will happen with Seiichi’s appearance…??

Episode 1 of a heartful super-masochistic female lewd anime that loves and impregnates females!!

Character introduction
Childbearing Island ~ Females who can give birth in 7 days a week ~ #1 [Torudaya]
●Konomi Tachibana●

The daughter of a guest house on a remote island.
She is a lively island girl who has grown up to be damn erotic.

She hopes to fulfill her duties as a woman soon,
Sometimes she can’t help but worry about the main character who comes to the island.

She is aware that she is a boob ghost,
She thinks it would be nice if the main character likes big breasts.

She’s too easy-going and shorts
She looks like lewd denim.

Her personality is sullen and lascivious, and she is often seen in the dressing room
She secretly smells the main character, Trunks.

While the protagonist is staying at the inn, she frequently
she is masturbating She cums often.

Her dirty body is completely inherited from her mother.
She wants to have at least five children.

Her body is so soft.
She is so healthy that she never catches a cold. She doesn’t like studying.

Childbearing Island ~ Females who can give birth in 7 days a week ~ #1 [Torudaya]
Main video playback time: about 15:30
Full HD
Contents of play: Missionary position, doggy style, blowjob, swallowing, creampie, facial cum shot, sectional view
Play location: room, bath, outdoor (toilet), stairs


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