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Kunoichi Botan

Female Ninja BotanKunoichi Botanくの一牡丹쿠노이치 보탄くのいち牡丹

One night in a merchant’s mansion, a kunoichi (female ninja) named Yasuzuis violated by a group of men under the effect of “Aura of Ogre”, called “Demi-Ogre”.Although she had kept her virginity, the Demi-Ogres keeps sexually tormenting Yasuzu.Now the only thing Yasuzu can think about is her senior kunoichi Botan who she has longed for.

At midnight, in an underground prison of the mansion.Despite the physical restraints, they secretly prepare a plan for a comeback.They think that he must have a drug that controls the Aura of an Ogre becausethe merchant controls Demi-Ogres, thus they break out of the prison and sneakinto a room where the drug is hidden. Upon getting the drug, Demi-Ogres appearin front of them. In fact, the merchant knew their scheme and has set a trap.


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