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Joshikousei no Koshitsuki

High School Girls` Waists - High-School Girls` Waists - Joshikousei no Koshitsuki - 女子高生の腰つき - 여고생의 허리놀림

Product introduction

The healthy bodies of club activity beautiful girls can be played with sex!

The first anime of Natsu Otono’s “High School Girl’s Waist”, which includes many episodes of love eroticism, multiple sex, and club activities JK!
This time we will deliver a feature-length beach volleyball club.

Although Saori Kiryu is a regular in the beach volleyball club, she was unable to demonstrate her ability in the game due to her illness.
She will have a special training with her coach to overcome it.
A naughty special training starts in the name of enduring the line of sight of the infirmary and gallery at night.

Saori rubs her breasts over her bikini swimsuit, which is a beach volleyball costume, and whispers obscene things in her ears.
That word increased her naughty delusion, and she became absorbed in naughty without her special training.


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