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Kono Kaisha… Nanika Okashii!


Something is strange with this company. Marunouchi, a large successful company who recruited four beatiful women with tempting bodies. The first recruit is Shion, a tomboy-looking girl with exceptional bust size, she’s happen to be masochist. The second recruit, Ayaka, is a innocent looking girl, cheerful with semi-long hair, even if someone did something awful to her, she’d willing to forgive them. The third recruit, Chieko Morimura, she’s just got married recently, a housewife who was looking for a job to help her husband who work at a subsidiary. The fourth recruit, Shinna, she had the tsundere vibes around her, she is a cheeky elitist girl who willing to give her body for a raise. A company that packed with perverts!

The student decided to get a job in an office to get free money and experience, but instead you#[email protected]! CUTE! BOMB! He announced 2 OVA series of CG artist Someoka Yusura, which will focus on a company that allows abuse of power in relation to its employees.


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