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Oneshota The Animation


Product introduction
Why don’t you live in a different world with spoiled older sisters?
An animated version of a super-topic work that thoroughly focuses on  from the adult PC game brand “Seal Soft +1” and is released at the same time as the game!
“Honwaka Elf” and “Kemonomimi Sister”.
Please enjoy the sweet and gentle sex with your two older sisters to your heart’s content.

[First production limited]
-Special jacket & mouse pad drawn by Mr. Jewel
“Hello I-chan. This world of things, how will tell a little bit?”
It was the adventurer’s older sisters who came from another world who helped me when I was attacked by a monster in the back mountain.
Aria, an elf who is very cheerful and can get along with anyone, and Lulu, a beastman who is a little shy but really kind.
The two seem to be in trouble because there is no way to return to the original world and no place to stay.
“If you don’t have a place to go, come to us!”
I asked my mom to lend me an old folk house that I’m not using anymore, just for the lifesaver in need.
Every day I took care of them was so much fun and thrilling. (Although I was often embarrassed and thrilled …)
One day, when I heard that they came here looking for a son-in-law, I felt a different kind of excitement …
What is this …
Can you tell me if you are older sisters?


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