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Itadaki Seieki

Itadaki! Seieki♥ I`ll Have Your Semen - Itadaki! Seieki - Vampire Vixen - いただきっ! セーエキ

Based on the erotic manga by Doumou.

Succubus Setogaya Mari is a part-vampire who takes her nourishment not from blood but from drinking semen. As she performs oral sex for energy, various things can happen; for example, her breasts might simply grow during the act. “furry hentai monster rape young hentai big tits”

The fantasy hentai sex video Itadaki Seieki is about a passion and funny love story between a naughty vampire girl named Setogaya Mari and a high school guy Kanzaki. A lovely girl from another class sent him a love letter and asked about a meeting. But the begging was not so wonderful like he thought. She pushed him in his face with a strong and painful kick. The girl is a vampire and she is hungry, but she can not drink a raw blood. She starts to suck a dick and figured out that the sperm is tasty and delicious. Her small breasts became to be large monster boobs. Enjoy watching this fantasy hentai Itadaki Seieki about a horny vampire and her lunch Kanzaki-kun.

Work content
Even girls feel good!
Virgin chairman who practices SEX with youngster Mirai who has no sexual knowledge,
Using a doll that squeezes semen while manipulating the body of a man and inspiring a sense of virtue,
A bewitching succubus that commits rape evil and yields,
Sleeping princess that estruses a man approaching and commits a body with no resistance,
Author’s first book enchanted by extreme reverse rape by a beautiful girl with full erotic instinct!
A cover heroine that approaches the man by changing his body and character by reading the taste of the man
Also includes color & monochrome cartoons drawn down!
Includes an oversized JPG digital poster with a cover illustration as an e-book only benefit!

Vampire hors d’oeuvre
“Vampire Feast”
“Vampire full course”
“Chairman, get it!”
“Sleeping princess is a bitch”
“Puppet Master”
“Succubus Night”
“Work of magical girl”
“Enjoyment of the seizure area”
“ Midara magic ”
“Vampire Dolce”


This package does not include the package version of the bonus footage.

Suddenly, a cute girlfriend was made available to me who has no presence at all times!
Cute Setagaya Mari with a love letter.
But she’s half a vampire and a succubus, and only eats fresh seki!
Every day I offer fresh seki to mari …!
Mari can change the body of the character according to my taste by the ability of Succubus!
When I think “small breasts” turn into “big tits” in no time …
Do I have my body as it is!


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