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Nee Shiyo

Nee, …Shiyo♥ - ねぇ,...しよ

Hey … Shiyo Part 1 [Pija]

“Two days” My parents went out and now only two people. A slightly squishy eyebrow, while snarling, rolling in the crotch, while squeezing, it slams as it desires. Two people who are familiar with each other’s sexual feeling zone are fighting each other and seeking each other all night without having to rest for the consciousness to fly. Before long, used condoms were scattered all over the room around the bed. “Two days,” Takuya, who was taken cold at Mayu in school, thinks that a boyfriend was made. I will hold my hand from the eyebrow to the eyes of the surroundings and take him out to a place that is not popular. It will be inserted without saying the presence or absence of the pants forcibly. And every day I am exhausted to call obsession. “Futari’s Day” and “Futari’s Day” are recorded from the original “Nee, … Shiyo”.

It started out as playing and nothing serious but eventually this brother and sister can’t keep their hands off of each other. The moment they have a moment to themselves and even sometimes when they aren’t alone, their hands and more are all over each other…

Hey … Shiyo Part 2 [Pija]

“I am a selfish boyfriend and a nice girl” Spring is about to start, and it will be confessed to “Keiko Hatakeyama” from “Kineya Hinekure”. I also kissed and had sex. However, even though she was new to her, she felt jealous that Keiko wasn’t a virgin, and she requested a reckless thing, such as having a blowjob in the men’s bathroom and having sex in the gymnasium during classes. Keiko who accepts such selfishness and responds as it is said. Yuya thinks that Keiko is crazy about himself, but in fact, it was noticed that Yuya himself was a de Hamari. “Binkan Repair” The relationship between the teacher (Kazu) and the student (Chie), but in fact two of the lovers. One day, I should do repairs by two people alone, Muramura irresistible Kazu comes out a bit to Chie. A bandage was attached to the nipple to make the chest of Chie disgust you. It is lust to erotic that can not say anything, Bullying blame Chie’s nipples, Kazu who lets you like the body that you tanned. Chie also counterattacked and defeated Kazu without losing it, and they forgot the place of the school and they would get together without being overwhelmed. From the original “Nee, … Shiyo” “Wagamama boyfriend and Omotori she” “Binkan repair”

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