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Oyomesama Honey Days

およめさまHONEYDAYS - 부인의 허니데이즈

Haruna and Yuji met at a matchmaking event held for the convenience of the company.
However, both of them had given up on their marriage inwardly. It was because of each other’s deadly habits.
“I’m a maniac who loves women’s ass so much … touching and rubbing … I’m a pervert who longs for pressing and licking his face.”
Confession from Yuji.
At that moment, Haruna was surprised and confused, but after a long silence, she smiled softly.
“I also want to serve by kissing a man’s ass with his face in his face-I’m a woman who is enthusiastic about such delusions every day.”
These words triggered the start of their super-hardcore love sex life.


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