Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!? cover
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Succubus Yondara Haha ga Kita!?


Bunny Walker announced that she is going to adapt the CG hentai Succubus Yondara Haha Ga Kita!? He will tell the story of a high school student Morita Takashi, a boy with a high libido who wants to lose his virginity, but cannot, because he is not popular with girls. One day, a message is sent to him with a proposal to summon a sex demon known as a succubus. To summon her, he must stop masturbating for 72 days, then cast a spell.
Ever since the day I summoned the succubus in a ritual, Erin has been appearing everywhere even though I didn’t call her.
She appears from under her desk while studying and plays a tutor, and has sex in the pool under the blue sky.
One day, Takashi finds a hickey he made on her mother-in-law Eri.


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