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Bully Gal Pushes Cool, Serious Beauty to the Limit and Retaliates! “Vulgar Innocence” The “gail fee·NÜR” label introduces a mischievous bully girl character! Haruna-chan is a gal who constantly bullies the serious Yua-chan. Although Haruna is cute, her attempts to retaliate always end up failing, making her a not-so-perfect beauty. Unbeknownst to even her closest friends, Haruna has a secret: she is being trained in her immature body in secret! Her plump hips are grabbed, her voluptuous breasts are squeezed, and she is penetrated under the pretext of her secret. The cheeky gal becomes submissive in front of the “holy rod” and gushes with excitement! What is her secret…? The “dripping embarrassment” of a bullying cheeky clumsy gal lies in the innocent and courageous wetting of her immature body by her secret. Please enjoy the “bursting maiden” of cool, serious beauties from cheeky gals!


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