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Boku to Sensei to Tomodachi no Mama

Boku to Sensei to Tomodachi no Mama - 僕と先生と友達のママ - 나와 선생님과 친구의 엄마

Hentai “Boku To Sensey To Tomodachi No Mama” released on eponymous manga for authorship Otari Zero or MitaraiYuuki in July 2019. The manga was released in the journal “Mujin Comics / MUJINコミックス” in 2018.
This is the title description of the tankobon, and it is not yet known exactly which part will be screened:
The protagonist has long been sexually obsessed with a plump Mature woman. Her big ass and huge Tits drove him crazy. Every activity was like torture for his libido. So could not continue forever and the guy decided to break the unbearable routine cycle…

The dreamlike reality came suddenly like this rain.
On the way to get the rented DVD to my friend’s house, it suddenly rained.
My friend’s mother greeted me when I entered the entrance with the rain getting wet.
I was advised to take a bath because I had to catch a cold, and my friend’s mother entered me naked when I was immersed in a bathtub.
The first woman who saw it… The throbbing did not stop, and the hand was reached out to the dick that has not yet been peeled off.
That night, the dreamy reality up to that time had a much bigger continuation.

Our protagonist is a student who records his female teacher’s behind without permission. Due to her trap, he is forced into a situation where he can’t make any excuses. Under the guise of instruction, she plans to turn this student into her playtoy. His hairless dick under her care grew and ended up turning her into the captive one.


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