Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu cover
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Abandon: 100 Nuki Shinai to Derarenai Fushigi na Kyoushitsu

Abandon ‐100ヌキしないと出られない不思議な教室‐ 第1話 闇のSEXゲーム

Students find themselves trapped in the enclosed space of their school with a mysterious creature called “Ruler” and forced into a dark sex game by the will of mysterious forces. There is a battle royale element to the story, in which players use their “game powers” to force each other to cum, for example, transforming into a demon, releasing depraved tentacles or applying Futanari torture
Arisa Katagiri, Hikaru Tsumura, Miho Sonoda, Junpei Katagiri, and Tomonori Abe are trapped in a mysterious space by a mysterious ruler that appears from their smartphones.
It is said that you cannot go outside unless you clear the game presented by Ruler.
The content of the game is to shoot a satisfying AV.
Abe is handed a mysterious script that makes what he wrote come true, and happily creates one AV.
However, Ruler, who is not satisfied with just one, urges Abe to take more pictures.
Abe reluctantly writes the script and the second AV starts.
When Junpei wakes up, his leg is in a cast and he is lying on the bed.
Hikaru in a nurse uniform approaches Junpei.
Junpei is surprised at the appearance of his classmate, which he has never seen before.
Hikaru is perplexed by the words and actions that come out regardless of his intentions.
What was written in the script was absolute, and Hikaru couldn’t do anything about it.
Hikaru’s hand reached Junpei’s crotch in vain despite his heart’s resistance.


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