Toshoshitsu no Kanojo: Seiso na Kimi ga Ochiru made The Animation cover

Product introduction
Yukiha Serizawa is attacked by a janitor of a horny beast because of her kindness.
In her captivity, Yukiha, who turned into a sexually processed meat onaho, continues to pour her janitor’s soup into Naka …
How long will this nightmare, which has no sign of ending, last !?
Ame Hail-sensei’s blockbuster original douujinshi “Library No Girlfriend” series is now available as an in-motion anime!
The jacket illustration is newly drawn by Dr. Ame Hail!

She was attacked by the janitor, simply for being too kind.

Unwilling to tell him no, he took full advantage of her young and plump body.

She was attacked by the janitor because of her kindness, and even if she wanted to escape she was being held down.

Forcibly entered and desecrated by this man, she wonders how long this nightmare will continue…