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Inkou Kyoushi no Sai Seikatsu Shidouroku


A story of a certain teacher who has a kind of analogue of the Death Note, but this notebook is not used to kill people, but only to force them to do perverted things. The way of working is simple: the owner must write down orders in a notebook, and the person to whom the orders are addressed must read them directly from the notebook for them to work. So the main character, as usual, is an ordinary teacher, enters into several sexual relations with students on the campus. And the first who will fall victim to him are Megumi Fujinomiya, the school idol of all men, who recently began dating the leader of the baseball club and Yayoi Tachibana, the heiress of a tea ceremony master in Kyoto, a sweet girl in a kimono, with elegant manners, graceful Kyoto dialect, and still growing, but already a pretty decent ass, exciting all the men around.

The original XX Netori comic from the circle “Great Canyon” has been converted into an OVA on the Ankinusu label!

Megumi Fujimiya is attracting attention as an onapet idol from school men.
She is an innocent school girl in the midst of youth who has just become a lover with Takashi Katayama, a baseball club ace who became a childhood friend.
There appears a life guidance teacher who has a mysterious Seikatsu guidance notebook that can change the perception of the other party.
“Fujimiya … Did you forget that students who have a lover must take” sexual activity guidance “as a compulsory subject?” “I’m sorry … I forgot
such an important thing !!”
Megumi, whose cognition has been altered, will be repaired in the health room by “sexual activity guidance” in which gene juice is poured into the uterus without a contraceptive that is not as deep as it is said.


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