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Tiny Evil

Tiny Evil Hentai - 작은 악마

Takeshi Naito in his desperate desires to finally lose his virginity decides that he will take a very extreme approach to the matter at hand… by summoning a succubus…

“Wait…isn’t she supposed to come out of the circle I drew and not through the door..? Also, why is she so… tiny…?”

After just a few minutes alone with her, there is NO doubt that she is the real deal. Orgasm after orgasm is forced out of him…to the point where he just can’t perform anymore… She has a fix for that however! A small bit of magic has him once again standing at attention, ready to have his very soul sucked out of him…

She appeared again in front of him. After so many tries she still hasn’t been able to suck out his soul, no matter what kind of lewd torture she performs on him! His purpose all along has been to find release from life and this moves the heart of the young succubus. However, something special happens when a succubus develops feelings for a human…

One day a doll appeared in the room of our protagonist. The doll was in the form of a girl, cute but slightly off, in some way that he could not put his finger on.

Eventually he attempted to get rid of it, but couldn’t bring himself to. So he took care of the doll and suddenly he finds himself with extraordinary luck, everything is going his way! But then one night he thinks he hears the doll talking to him..what the hell is going on?!

Hiroko tells Ryuu, his lover, about the female doll, Nina. She listens on with interest and visits his room during the night, but she ends up just sleeping. Disappointed, Nina appears in front of Ryuu again. As if showing off to the lover sleeping beside him, Nina touches Ryuu naughtily. Dawn breaking, Hiroko wakes up only to find her lover being violated by Nina. Making Hiroko unable to move, she pleasures herself with Ryuu’s meat stick by sticking it into her tight pussy as she says “I’m going to rape you in front of your girlfriend…”


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