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Rinkan Gakuen

Gangrape School - Rinkan Gakuen: "Yamete! ...Okaasan, Minaide! - "輪奸学園 「やめてっ! ...お母さん, 見ないで!」

Story introduction
At the school where the children of the good family attend, and the school famous for both Bunbu and Budo, there was a “special class” that gathered the elite who were especially longing for the future among the excellent students.

The classes in the “special class” were very strict, and most of the students could not keep up with the instruction and dropped out, and many of them eventually dropped out. The science teacher (hero) “Sakuma Takahiro” who is in charge of such a “special class” was very hated for his relentless guidance for poor students and sexual harassment for female students.

Why is such a man entrusted with the “special class” which is an elite group?

In fact, “Kadokura” abused his knowledge as a chemistry teacher, used his own aphrodisiac to grasp the weaknesses of his favorite schoolgirl and threatened him, robbed his virginity and trained him at will. , The elite was a devil teacher who assigned to the minions of the “special class” who was just named as a meat guy ○, and made him circle ○ and immersed in pleasure!

Moreover, because the female students who have been trained in this way are regularly presented to those in power, they can eliminate crimes such as intimidation and circles, and force people who do not obey orders mentally and socially to drop out. The school was dominated by letting them do it, forming a kind of harem.

In front of “Kadokura” who was in control of all of the school by putting his remarkable prey on his poisonous fangs, he was transferred to the beautiful girl “Taifuji Ai” who entered this spring and his mother this spring as well. The beautiful health teacher “Haruka Taifuuji” appears.

And “Kadokura” wondered how to defeat the prey of Uetama after a long absence, and sank alone.


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