Lilitales cover

A knightess Luna goes out to rescue the Princess Jill who has been abducted.While gathering information, she sells herself to a slave trader Batil. On the other hand, Jill is restrained at an underground slave auction.There she is exhibited as an object to be sold and eventually loses her virginity.Despite Luna’s effort to save her, Luna also falls into the hands of the villain.Cless comes to rescue them, but…

In addition to the princess Jill and Luna, Cless has now fallen into the hands of the enemy. They challenge Grims but end up being defeated and raped. When Jill is bound in prison again, Airi shows up and…

Luna’s sleeping power of Lilith has been awakened by a prostitute Airi. She rescues Cless from the bishop’s brainwash using her own body. When she gets to a man dressed all in white in order to save the princess Jill, she is confronted by a monster.

Under the threat of the “lilith hunt” conducted all over the world, Airi has barely survived as a prostitute, and is going to have a destined encounter with a companion named Luna. A newly written extra story in the Lilitales series!