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Kanojo ga Yatsu ni Dakareta Hi

Product introduction
The fourth new title is “Hee who was embraced by him” with the theme of “cuckold” from many genres!
The newly-married Moe wife’s “dripping shame” that depicts the new wife’s unrubbed limbs sucking tightly and slowly dripping down unfolds!
I should have put up with him for him … but my new wife’s body drips into a lump of immorality …
Please look forward to this work that contains the lady’s rush!

Yurina and Yukihiro are newlyweds who met at a company and became together after working for a love.
Two people who are close enough to be able to stand up with the mandarin duck couple.
They are ideal couples because they respect each other and can work hard as good friends at work.
Yukihiro, who welcomed a new employee and raised his position as a leader, worked hard day and night without getting married.
Yurina who supports him in a rewarding way. porn gifs
Sachi-chan, thank you for your hard work. I’ll put it in.
Two newly married people. Midnight. In-house with nobody. The sense of immorality that we are looking for ignites the two of us …
New employee, Takashi Kiuchi.
Although he was a newcomer, he was a newcomer, but he was a newcomer, but he didn’t work overtime with many complaints.
Yurina decides to take care of him.
I should have bought the role myself to support my unfamiliar husband, Yukihiro …

Two co-workers who met and fell in love at work end up becoming newlyweds and share a romantic evening together.

However a new co-worker at the company is going to attempt to have some of the new bride to himself


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