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Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu

Gishi wa Yan Mama Junyuu Chuu - 義姉はヤンママ授乳中 - 형수는 양마마 수유중

After some difficulties with her scumbag husband, his sister ended up moving back into their family home with her youngest child. She had a habit of letting her tits out everywhere and eventually one night while both of them were drunk he made his move.

Looks like her husband is gonna have to wait a little while before he can have any more kids!

— Product introduction
“Chinjao Musume.” ] OVA of the original comic!
Introduced on the label Bani Woo Ka!
Aika who has become a multiparous woman and has improved flesh.
Takuya Sano was secretly lustful to his sister-in-law.
“Don’t you drink? My boobs”
One night, Takuya was unable to hold back his inferiority because of such Aika’s selling word, which was made with the power of drunkenness…
Since then, the two of us have been looking for each other’s bodies in anticipation of when their families are gone…!?


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