Okusama no Kaifukujutsu The Animation cover

Leave the naughty treatment to the wife! Okusama no Kaifukujutsu The Animation Episode 1 奥さまの回復術 THE ANIMATION The worries of a young man who wants to become an adult are solved by the wife! From foreskin retraction to child-making, I’ll thoroughly guide you (heart). Directed by ‘Tatsumi,’ the popular fantasy married woman ADV by ALICESOFT is now an eagerly awaited OVA! Featuring the original cast from the original work! The jacket illustration is a new original drawing by ‘Homare’ sensei! [Limited First Edition] ● Special jacket & mouse pad with original drawing by ‘Homare’ sensei Story: Shion, who has not manifested magical powers even after becoming an adult, is entrusted to a young couple engaged in magical research for treatment. After a certain incident, his magical powers finally manifest, but he cannot control them, and Rui, a healing mage, takes care of him. However, to be able to handle magic fully, he needed to become an adult in a sexual sense. Rui, being a married woman, couldn’t graduate Shion from his virginity, so they proceed with preparations under the condition that they continue until he gets a girlfriend…