Nuki Doki! Revolution cover

In response to the scantily clad shrine maiden Nonoa’s sudden disappearance, Yamato and Sera desperately search for her. They pilot an unconventional search and rescue aircraft, the dongcopter, that uses Yamato’s spinning phallus in lieu of a propeller to provide lift and thrust.

However, Yamato gets too aroused mid-flight, his penis further engorges, and it shreds the aircraft’s fuselage sending them plummeting towards the mountains below. They survive. Leaving the unsalvageable wreckage of the dongcopter behind them, they continue the search for Filika’s hideout on foot.

Even in such a dire situation, Yamato’s sexual desire is ever-present. He convinces the na├»ve Sera that the human penis is actually a tail and then seeks “medical treatment” from her for his “swollen tail”. He entreats her to take him inside her to reduce the swelling. Sera hesitates for a moment, only to offer up her ass. “You can use this hole if you’d like,” she says.

Yamato, so thoroughly aroused, penetrates her forcefully and without hesitation. She feels uncomfortable at first, but her cries gradually become tainted with pleasure. The moans of an angel’s fall from grace echo in the mountains.

Filika and her captive, Nonoa, over whom Filika has complete control, appear before them. Filika orders Nonoa, who is in devil cosplay and who has Filika’s egg cells inside her from an earlier ritual, to milk Yamato for his semen. If Yamato gets her pregnant, she will bear Filika’s demon child! Nonoa slowly draws near.

Wishing to save Nonoa from Filika’s control but also at the mercy of his own desires, Yamato springs into action!