Joshi Ochi! 2-kai kara Onnanoko ga… Futte Kita!? cover

Product introduction

The ceiling came off and a girl fell from the second floor !?

The only healing for me living in a rag apartment is a beautiful landlord and a cute child on the second floor.
One day, there was a creaking noise in the ceiling … I was shocked, and the girl on the second floor fell right above me …!?
A miracle erotic happening that happens to connect your heart and body.
And for some reason, a communal life with two beautiful women !?

Under one roof, the end of a love triangle that is too dense …!?

Episode 1 – Episode 9 “Full Episodes – Season”

Aikawa Sousuke is an part-time worker who lives in a run-down apartment. One day he hears a creaking sound from his ceiling, and suddenly the resident of the apartment above his, Unyuu Sunao, falls through a hole that appears in his ceiling onto his bed. Thus starts Sousuke and Sunao’s comical life of living together.