Joshi Luck! cover

Kuroda Koutarou is the manager of the girl’s lacrosse team. He is inside the changing room one day by accident and the girls find him, bind him up, and force him to cum. He also loses the keys to the club’s room. He goes through everything, even the hamper in search for the key, and ends up being seen by Kise Matori holding one of the girl’s underwear. Kise looks very happy as she forces Kuroda into a corner and takes off his pants.

Original: “Joshi Raku! New Edition” (DISTANCE)

The adult comic of the original DISTANCE given by the intense erotic production group Banyu Pu-ka is converted to OVA!

Kotaro Kuroda, an advisor to the Ferias Jogakuin Women’s Lacrosse Club,
A member inadvertently opens a clubroom that is changing clothes and is forced to ejaculate.
Kuroda, who has lost his key in the clubroom,
Kise finds a girl’s underwear from her laundry basket …
What will happen to Kuroda who keeps being fucked …! ?

■ Story
Kotaro Kuroda, an advisor to the women’s lacrosse club,
While the female members are changing clothes, they accidentally open the clubroom.
Kuroda is detained and forced to ejaculate members.
Furthermore, we lose key in clubroom,
During the search, Makise Kise finds a woman’s undergarment in her laundry basket.
Kise approaching Kuroda happily removes Kuroda’s pants, provided that he keeps her mouth …


Hentai is based on the eponymous manga “Girls Lacrosse Club” authored DISTANCE.

The main character of hentai is an ordinary Japanese boy Kuroda, who got a job in a private women’s Academy “Felinus Academy for Girls” as a physical education teacher and Lacrosse coach. However, in the first day he was in an awkward position when he wanted to win the respect of the girls and went into their locker room without knocking. Girls of course were shocked and simultaneously surprised. From this moment begins the sexual adventures of Kuroda Sensei and many beautiful and lustful high school girls.

“Are you ready for the consequences of Kuroda-Sensei?! After all, you saw us naked! We must restore justice!”.