JK Fuuzoku Gakuensai cover

OVA version of adult douujin CG based on the circle “Yorokobi no Kuni” presented by the super erotic production group Rene Pictures! Banii Woo-ka-Appeared on the label!

The man is a middle-aged office worker. He is also an uncle who loves female students.
On this day, he came to a school festival at a girls’ school, which is reputed to have many cute children.
A sanctuary that you would never normally step into.
However, thanks to the fact that he got “5 premium cards” from a certain gal at a high price.
Coffee shop customer service Mihiro-chan
Marina-chan in charge of Mirror House
Sayuki-chan skipping in the library
I got a special service from three big tits beautiful girls at once …!