Haha Sange cover

From that day, Tomonori deliberately chooses a humiliating method and paints flowers. Tomonori threatens Kae when he says that Narie is ugly.
I call at night while my father is sleeping … From behind, preparing food in the kitchen.
Hana-e was certainly related to him before, but he hasn’t been in contact with him all the time.
Hana-e still had days to endure not to destroy her family.

Tomonori was enjoying a normal school life when his mother fell ill and passed away. His father quickly remarried the beautiful Hanae. Together with Marie, Hanae’s daughter from a previous relationship, the four settled in as a new and happy family.

One day, Tomonori discovers that his father and Hanae had been adulterous lovers for years. Outraged, he assaults Hanae while they are alone that night…