Ane Jiyoku Tsukushi: Nee-san no Shitagi cover

Ema, the cool and perfect beautiful student council president; Ryuka, her younger sister who is as popular as an idol and always at the center of everyone’s circle; and the younger brother of the two perfect and idol sisters, Mizuki, an extremely ordinary male student . Mizuki is teased by the cool and perfect Ema, and used like a servant by Ryuka, who is strict with her younger brother, but before he knows it, he ends up with a girlfriend… the existence of a lover. The two older sisters realize that… Spring is finally coming to their younger brother… Without even thinking about it, they become even more proactive in how they interact with Mizuki, but… Mizuki’s spring… Suddenly, she is taken away… Mizuki is haggard… Ema, who can’t bear to look at her younger brother like that… takes off one layer or two of her own…